Sunday, November 2, 2008

Strategy Mapping

Strategy Maps are often used by management to determine the appropriate alignment in a company, and to also identify and measure the metrics that support that alignment. Strategy maps can be a useful tool to focus your company’s finite resources so that they are effectively utilized. I really do not see a strategy map as a sales or marketing tool, but rather a management tool that that reaches across all departments.

Most of the time you will see a strategy map represented as a 2D graphic in ConceptDraw PRO or Microsoft Visio which then visually shows all of the dependencies between the identified areas in the company that are being measured and what is being measured. I have built a mind map that does this in a mind map format rather than a static 2D business rendering. The great thing about using a mind map is that once the map is complete it can then easily be exported to PowerPoint, as a slide presentation. This makes it is then easy to communicate to larger groups of stake holders.

The strategy map template I developed, I have placed at MindMapPedia as a free download so any one can download and use it; if you are interested in a free trial of the mind map software, ConceptDraw MINDMAP, I used to construct the strategy map template you can download that at

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